October 6: Commitment to Education

4:30 Registration

*All participants must check in at the registration table.

5:00 PM (please note change in start time)

            Edward Kravitz

            John Hildebrand

            Rosalind Segal

            Taralyn Tan

            Zach Hall

6:30 Reception



October 7: 50th Symposium   


8:30 AM  Registration

*All participants must check in at registration.

9:00 AM  Symposium: Session 1

            James Hudspeth

            Helen Hou

            Roderick MacKinnon

11:00 AM  Symposium: Session 2

            King-Wai Yau

            Stacie Weninger

            Torsten Wiesel

12:30 PM   Lunch

Reminder: The Elements Café located in the conference center is cash only. There are numerous other options for lunch within walking distance, including Clover, Cafe Nero, The Mission Bar and Grill, etc. For more options, click here.

2:00 PM  Symposium: Session 3

            Carla Shatz

            Doris Tsao

            Gerald Fischbach

3:45 PM  Symposium: Session 4

            Thomas Jessell

            Story Landis

            Future of Neuroscience: Matthew Pecot, Christopher Harvey, Dragana Rogulja

5:00 Reception