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We would like to invite all current and past members of the HMS Department of Neurobiology to submit a memory, story or photo. Submissions will be proofed and uploaded onto the site.

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Photo submitted by Ann Stuart

Department soccer team circa 1978.


Photo and memory submitted by Rae Nishi

A group photo taken by Bob Campenot of a Harvard Neurobiology reunion we had at the MBL in Woods Hole celebrating the retirement of Ed Furshpan and David Potter in Fall of 2005.  Many former department members attended this reunion including Torsten Wiesel, Story Landis, Paul O-Lague, Dick Mains, Lou Reichardt, Colin Nurse, Ed Hawrot, Bob Baughman, Peter MacLeish, Alan Willard, Felix Eckenstein, Pat Hogan, Tom Schwartz, and John Hildebrand.

"Steve Cartoon" submitted by Gordon Shepherd

"This a well-known cartoon of Steve that I used in the introductory chapter to all three editions (1983, 1988, 1994) of my textbook Neurobiology."

—Dr. Gordon M. Shepherd, Department of Neuroscience, Yale School of Medicine

Photos submitted by Ann Stuart

From the photobook:

Hildebrand and Kravitz circa 1978.

Theresa Bolino kept the lunchroom and its kitchen orderly and catered our Evening Meetings and Christmas parties with dishes upon dishes of delicious Italian food.

Mike La Fratta circa 1978.


Photos and document submitted by May Corrigan











Found in the department's finance office, and submitted by May Corrigan, this invitation and photo was accompanied by a letter for an exceptional staff member in 1988, written jointly by Diantha Brown, Direction or Administration, and David Potter, chairman, at the time (all three are seen in the photo above):

"Jo Breen is one of those special heroes at HMS whose quiet work, starting at 5 a.m., is crucial to her Department. Between one hectic day and the next, she prepares lab glassware and readies the kitchen, the teaching and the conference rooms. Thousands of weary Harvard students have benefitted from her preparation of coffee, tea and cookies, for the courses and exams. The Department receives a year reminder of the importance of her work when she takes a well-earned vacation. For 15 years Jo Breen has been an essential member of the Department of Neurobiology, and we look forward to working with her for many more years."

Photographs submitted by Ed Kravitz

These photos capture a memory from the "Steve Meeting" in 1980, a year before Steve Kuffler passed away. One photo shows Kuffler dancing with his wife, Phyllis; the other is of Bernard Katz, a biophysicist with close ties to the department and a friend of Kuffler's. After Kuffler was presented with the emblematic t-shirt at the meeting, all the attendees revealed that they too were wearing the t-shirt under their overshirts.

Story and photographs submitted by Giuseppe Busetto

I joined the Dept. of Neurobiology in 2003 as a post-doc in the lab of Bernardo Sabatini, and left in 2005. Bernardo has been a very supportive, super talented supervisor. I've not the authority to remember Bernardo's great scientific achievements, which are well known. I'm very grateful to him.

During the same period, my wife Alessandra Fanini worked as a post-doc in John Assad's lab.  I'm not exaggerating saying that she spent there her most scientifically gratifying and happy times ever.

Chair of the Dept at the time was Carla Shatz of whom I have this funny picture, taken during one of the Friday's late-afternoon socials.

Story and photographs submitted by Ed Kravitz

Holiday Greetings from the Department of Neurobiology!

In the early years, holidays cards were created and sent out to colleagues all over the world, becoming a department tradition. This photo in the Amphitheater was for the theme of the 1974 Christmas Card. Jim Hudspeth touched the photo up with snow on the seats and the few members that were missing had their faces added in. In particular, David Potter could not be there, so a photo of his head was superimposed over the man holding the microphone. Above is the original photo and the finished card is shown below.